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Few creative ideas useful to first time oscilloscope owners

By Kiriakos Triantafillou ©2013

In this page I will share with you some suggestions which I consider as very important for any fresh Oscilloscope Owner.

The first suggestion is regarding the correct installation of those Channel identifier clip.

Its new Probe comes with eight of those that actually are four pairs so to serve the needs for an Oscilloscope with four channels that is four probes.

Unfortunately for me that I have learn to do anything with the proper way, for those fragile looking clips there was no instructions, and it looks that you have only one chance to place them correctly with out damaging them, which translates to added  psychical stress to you, especially if the nearest T&M reseller is 180 Km from your door.

 I made the pictures with such a way that I do not need to explain anything with words.

The second suggestion is about the User manual of your new Oscilloscope, my suggestion is print it all, and be generous at paying all the needed printing supplies and time, so to have the large and heavy book in your hand.

There is no better teacher to guide you in your first steps other than this book.

The specific user manual has 258 pages and was in the PC software CD Disc that came with the scope, the actual paper needed for the job was 129 sheets.

Just about ink (black+ color) from my calculations it cost me around 15 Euros (HP original supplies) and another 3.50 Euros the high quality A4 file folder which is especially chosen, with four metal clips and nylon pocket.

In my quest to find the best method of how to keep together 130 sheets of paper,  the golden advise is the A4 file folder with four clips, or else you have to visit a specialist  and pay the price premium for a  stitched and glued true book.

The rough sum is about 20 Euros but it is worth it, thanks to my HP printer utilities the original pages in A5 they were nicely scaled up to A4 and this helps allot regarding easy reading even from aged eyes.

A good friend of my teased me that I should get a modern digital tablet than chopping down trees so to print it, well nothing compares with the clarity of the true print out on paper in my eyes.

The third suggestion is actually a very personal like which I discover it accidentally by searching for ready made solutions about positioning one Oscilloscope on your bench or special trolleys, even today I am still looking for the golden solution of how to place my new Oscilloscope on my bench and at the same time to be secure against small accidents like accidental bumps and even better if it gets protected from dust.

Any way by looking for such solutions I had to view an enormous amount of pictures of other Oscilloscopes than my and my eye fall over those white or gray pouches that  some old HP/Agilent scopes has on the top of them serving as storage compartment for probes and their tiny adapters.

I did fall in love with the idea immediately, the problem is that those pouches they have a significant large size and it was impossible something with such size to be on top of a modern and narrow in depth scope.

The problem solved at the cost of 3 Euros for an almost white ordinary belt pouch, the belt was removed and two narrow 15 cm Cable Velcro Straps holds it in place from the top carrying handle.

Inexpensive + simple + practical + easy to do, feel free to copy the idea but not the images except if you are looking for troubles.  

Feel free to link your friends at the ITTSB pages, and if you have any questions the forum section is waiting you to join it.

Best regards Kiriakos.

Channel identifier clip

Printed User manual, capable for frequently use with out getting damaged.

Oscilloscope accessories pouch, HP/Agilent thanks for the idea!!  


By Kiriakos Triantafillou ©2013  March 27 2013

Hellenic - Patent pending LOL ;-)

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