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Donate-Sponsor BRYMEN BM878 Review


handheld DMM & insulation resistance

BRYMEN welcomes 2015 with one additional product Series which was missing from their product line. BM870 Series is the combination of a fully featured multimeter with the needed functionality for insulation measurements. ITTSB will review BM878 model which combines most features for an industrial electrician.

DER EE DE-711 AC/DC     DMM current probe 67/600A

DER EE Electrical since 2013 had in their planning to release DE-711 AC/DC clamp current probe, so to work in combination with DE-208A multimeter.

DE-208A multimeter has been reviewed by ITTSB many months back, and the verdict was very positive.

DER EE DE-5004 , scheduled review at 2021

DE-5003 & DE5004 are 2015 released products which combining for a first time worldwide, a multimeter and an LCR bridge in the same package.

Definably DER EE Electrical ltd in Taiwan worth the title, of a company which offers innovation even within 2015.

Pictures from it arrival at ITTSB Forum

Multimeter with LCR capabilities

Last update 25 February 2021
News corner (past 12 months Blog life Log)..
February 25, 2021
New research ahead, of how to further minimize noise interference at four wire resistance measurements. The Japanese Canare Electric Co., Ltd. this invented a special cable the Canare L-4E6S microphone cable.  which I am about to explore it performance at electrical metrology applications.  Two twisted pairs, fine copper strands, external copper shield, ultra flexible.    

February 4, 2021
Due Covid-19 and significant financial difficulties at my region, I am not in the best mood, but there is currently an attempt about restoring functionality of ITTSB forum engine.

October 26 2020
Calibration Tools: Ceramic capacitors Class 1 for multimeter and LCR inspection

October 23 2020
Time Electronics LTD UK, the brand decided to assist me at the repair of 1048 process calibrator (this has be connected accidentally to mains) by shipping to me a blank PCB in response to my request. I wish to thank them for once more time, Elaine at Sales dept and Brian EE engineer for his assistance regarding delivery of complete schematics (for my eyes only).    

July 06, 2020,
Unexpected gift arrived in my hands ... an damaged CORSAIR CX750 CP9020015, this is an quality CWT (Taiwan) design, this PSU was involved in to an mysterious accident.

January 5 2020:
This time I did become an software development assistant by teaming up with an Japanese software developer.
My benchtop 6 ½ Digits DMM (Fluke 8846A) this is no more orphan from worthy data logging software
In summary: 140 work hours plus over 70 exchanged emails, and the outcome one success story for us to remember in our lifetime.

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Massive test of high quality multimeter regarding ammeter burden voltage
Burden Voltage this is most essential and frequently overlooked enemy of a perfect measurement.
An ammeter shunt allows the measurement of current but such a resistor will introduce losses which we should calculate manually.

Since January 2019 ITTSB blog toolbox this now includes a benchtop 6 ½ DMM with basic V DC accuracy of 0.0024 % , this is lots of precision and one of best applications’ using it, this is exploration of Burden Voltage at handheld DMM.
Ups and inverters testing after repair, this is a necessary action for any Industrial Maintenance Electrician or Electronics troubleshooter whom respects his reputation.
VARIAC adjustable transformer this is still most inexpensive and effective way having an adjustable ACV power source in your hands.  

Instead getting a cheap poor quality VARIAC assembled in China or India (unreliable toys for hobbyists), I did follow route of DIY just for product design and case selection.

Most essential parts at this VARIAC project are the finest ones still available in our decade.
The outcome this is now a professionally grade adjustable ACV source for 0~270 Volts (VARIAC adjustable transformer among with Single Phase Voltage and Current Breakout Box, and a basic ACA 2x150W loads.

Regarding bill of materials and cost estimates, I did follow most cost effective path but even so by using exclusively highest quality of parts them complying to most recent IEC directives’.

I like to thanks DER EE ELECTRICAL METER CO. LTD. in Taiwan for their sponsoring of all necessary  analogue meters for those two ITTSB Blog projects’ !!  
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ITTSB Mini Articles

My personal viewpoints, comments, News.

28 May 2014

Safe 220V & 380V measurements with a bench top Oscilloscope by using one differential probe.

The Bottom line is that you can not avoid paying the price for a true differential probe if what you have in mind is work instead play.


I am now an 45 years old electrician, and today I am able to see the Mains voltage and measure its and every parameter.

Never thought that my first class oscilloscope with the differential probe hooked up, that has so much to offer.  


My first FLUKE 87V meter mini adventure (8-2010)

FLUKE 87V GSM issue

Burn in of OLED's is a known problem (8-2012)




Four Industrial handheld multimeter's tested above the 1000 ACV mark.

Monday 1 February 2016

ITTSB Blog up to date this performed many individual reviews of handheld multimeter, this latest benchmark has to do with the performance of four full size multimeter's when them get tested out of their measuring specifications’ that is above the 1000 ACV range.

Few months back I started thinking to build for my lab one amplifier which this in combination with a function generator, it will work as adjustable ACV source …….

Mini articles archives
Multimeter them getting constantly improved because ITTSB Blog it does record engineering innovations and even past made mistakes.   
ITTSB Blog forum this is extension of ITTSB Blog and blogging activity this is far more frequent and topics they do cover far more wide spectrum.
Click over the image so to discover it too !      
 The return of VARIAC …  Inverters & ups testing , ITTSB Project
Kiriakos Project !!   High precision meeting with Made in Greece creativity!
First project
Resistors box  for insulation resistance testers & verification of their calibration up to 4000 V POWERTRON GST4020
Second project
Seven dial decade resistance box for handheld and bench top multimeter calibration inspection.
Hermetically sealed Vishay Foil Resistors
Third project
Ultra-High precision resistance box exclusively made for bench top multimeter calibration inspection.
Hermetically sealed Vishay Foil Resistors
Calibration standard class.
POWERTRON GST4020 ITTSB project 2017 Ultra High Precision resistors Box High Precision Decade resistors Box
7 April 2020:  Data Logging Software Development Project     Japan & Greece
"Gentlemen, START your engines"
Get ready to discover the Freeware data logging software, benchtop support added beginning of 2020, today this is a Priceless companion for our “digitally measuring investments”.
Software for FLUKE: 8846A, 8845A, FLK45, DMM4050, DMM4040 (among several other handheld multimeter)
I was had to get challenged with SCPI commands syntax for two months, but We Made it !!!
Link to: TsDMMViewer Multimeter Data logger Software - Review
Link to: TsDMMViewer & FLUKE 8846A Precision multimeter, RS232C Connectivity, Help and Tips.
New Forum section at 2019  .. Used Bench top multimeter under the microscope..
In contrast with the market of handheld multimeter which this demonstrated since 2010 and later a significant quantity of modernized instruments, market segment of benchtop multimeter did not follow a similar progressive path.
A few brands just modernised product exterior design of their 6 ½ digit DMM, by setting their expectations at price tag of 3000 Euro which this is extremely high for the working class of electrical or electronics freelancer trouble-shooter.

Expected self adjusting move, when benchtop DMM market this facing such pricing anomalies this is consumer’s attention to steer at used equipments.
I did my best at exploring past champions of the year 2000 and after, and now at ITTSB Blog forum you may read tips which will help you regarding buyer expectations relative to software support, spare parts availability and product support (if there is any of those still offered by the manufacturer).

Portable calibrator connected to Mains.. is this the END of it?
A little bit of you feeling tired and or a small distraction, this is you looking for trouble.
Here is my own on going adventure.
Under corona virus Pan European lock-down.
Begging of April 2020
Link: This story it is hosted at ITTSB Blog Forum
I wish to thanks Time Electronics UK employees!  I did receive partial technical assistance, with the factory this be closed and help were delivered to me by their home computers.
July 2020:  Exploring contact resistance of Molex connectors and pins

Bad connection of a single Molex pin this caused damage at 750W PC power supply.

They say that the Devil he gets hidding behind the details.

This occasion reminds attack from the back in to a dark alley.

No warning, no time to respond, and now I am investigating the crime scene for clues by the use of best electrical test and measurement equipment.

February 2021: Four Wires resistance measurement under Asian sabotage.
Four wires resistance measurement this is under sabotage at our times, mostly because modern manufacturing methods at China mainland, this now delivering to us unworthy in quality test leads and Kelvin clips.
The largest victim this is us that we try to get the best experience by the use of qualifying benchtop multimeter.

Any respectable industry of dedicated resistance meters, this now using reversal polarity method so to deal with thermal EMF, and the hidden advantage of this technology it is the detection also of EMF this caused by dissimilar metals.   
Even quality benchtop multimeter of our times, they still use the Law of Ohm and DC current with stable polarity, at very low resistance measurements the quality of test wires and clips this is now highly important.

Unfortunately most consumers are unaware that low cost test wires and clips and banana plugs, all are now made due recycled brass which this is poorly separated from foreign objects, the outcome is the formation of some sort of alloy of unknown composition.  The problem becomes greater when the formed alloy this containing air bubbles among with dust particles, and even substances which are known causing oxidation at pure brass or at copper.
Such low-end accessories then receive a low-end cover of gold paint used at toys making, and then they are presented as Gold-Plated goods.
The sabotage today touches all sectors, test leads, banana and BNC plugs, and even regular transformers windings.
I am now preparing one special Blog page, full of facts and links so this content to serve as line of defence against the Asian sabotage.