Electrical test and measurement equipment reviews.

  Digital Multimeter, Clamp on meter, Oscilloscope, Electronic component testing tools, all measuring equipment for demanding applications of our times:  Switching or Uninterruptible power supply, PV Inverters, VFD motor controllers, industrial electronics repair & HVAC.

Written by Kiriakos A. Triantafillou, Industrial maintenance electrician, Hellas.

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BRYMEN BM189 clamp meter Review

The modern AC/DC True-RMS clamp meters are faster, smarter, compact, practical,

data logging,

VFD filter,

Non-contact voltage detection,

and even more.

The ITTSB will be the first who will evaluate it.

6.000 counts & fast

BM189 Clamp meter

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DER EE DE-711 AC/DC     DMM current probe 67/600A, scheduled review 2017

DER EE Electrical since 2013 had in their planning to release DE-711 AC/DC clamp current probe, so to work in combination with DE-208A multimeter.

DE-208A multimeter has been reviewed by ITTSB many months back, and the verdict was very positive.

Pictures from it arrival at ITTSB Forum

BRYMEN BM079 AC/DC clamp meter Review

6.000 counts large LCD / Amp Tip Jaws

BRYMEN did it again.
Latest electronics technology married with extreme innovation, and the outcome is clamp meter capable to compete with most high end 6.000 counts multimeter. BM079 is the top of the iceberg, capable of three phase rotation and Temperature measurement.
BM079 Clamp meter

DER EE DE-5203  multimeter Review

DER EE released end of 2014 in Taitronics two New series of multimeter.

DE-5203 is an 22.000 counts aiming clearly industrial electricians and more specifically applications involving latest electrical motors.

22000 counts with industrial profile

DER EE DE-5004 , scheduled review 2017

DE-5003 & DE5004 are 2015 released products which combining for a first time worldwide, a multimeter and an LCR bridge in the same package.

Definably DER EE Electrical ltd in Taiwan worth the title, of a company which offers innovation even within 2015.

Pictures from it arrival at ITTSB Forum

Multimeter with LCR capabilities

DER5203  multimeter

BRYMEN BM878 DMM &  insulation resistance scheduled review in 2016

BRYMEN welcomes 2015 with one additional product Series which was missing from their product line. BM870 Series is the combination of a fully featured multimeter with the needed functionality for insulation measurements. ITTSB will review BM878 model which combines most features for an industrial electrician.
Pictures from it arrival at ITTSB Forum
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New since 2017  .. Calibration & precision gear - Unboxing presentations
Two samples of latest distributed precision equipment from Times Electronics UK. High build quality and performance this is what you get for your money.
1051 Resistance Box
1048 Voltage/ Current / Loop calibrator

TWINTEX TFG-3620E Review

Twintex Instrument Ltd was established in 1998 as a professional test & measurement instruments manufacturer based in China & Taiwan.

Thanks to Miss Lily Cheung Sales manager, one TFG-3620E arbitrary waveform function generator arrived end of September for a product review.  

The TFG-3600E series are the affordable product range of Twintex, and comes loaded  with most functions, frequency's counter up to 200 MHz & RS-232 communication port

GW Instek GDS-320 Oscilloscope & GDP-040D Review

Oscilloscope & multimeter , touch screen , with option differential probe 600V RMS

In Taitronics 2014 GW Instek walked away with the gold award of innovation due their GDS-200 & GDS-300 series.
Today ITTSB with pride announcing the product review of GDS-320 that is the leading model regarding bandwidth as Oscilloscope, and also regarding counts as multimeter.  

Sexy & Beyond is the marketing logo of this product series which is correlated with the promotion video of GW Instek about the specific advertising campaign.
ITTSB shown significant interest to receive and evaluate one sample of this new pack of innovation, the main question is how GDS-320 measure-up in applications which an industrial electrician gets involved with?
I like to thanks GW Instek for accepting this challenge regarding the product review, and about donating both equipment GDS-320 and GDP-040P, the second is the differential probe option which offer the ability to GDS-200 & 300 Series about single phase, and phase to phase electrical measurements up to 600V RMS in Oscilloscope mode.
GDS-300 Series is not a usual DSO in a small package, there is one significant amount of software applications inside this equipment which using the hardware as multimeter or as Oscilloscope in many ways, and this makes possible even complex electrical measurements.
GW Instek due these software applications for GDS-300 has the flexibility to expand the potentials regarding new software applications even further.
ITTSB suggested to GW Instek R&D team the creation of another one software application which will expand GDS-300 potentials as Watt meter too.
GDS-320 Oscilloscope Review

ITTSB Mini Articles

My personal viewpoints, comments, News.

28 May 2014

Safe 220V & 380V measurements with a bench top Oscilloscope by using one differential probe.

The Bottom line is that you can not avoid paying the price for a true differential probe if what you have in mind is work instead play.


I am now an 45 years old electrician, and today I am able to see the Mains voltage and measure its and every parameter.

Never thought that my first class oscilloscope with the differential probe hooked up, that has so much to offer.  


   Bench-top Tool Reviews:  PCB Soldering - Desoldering, Battery Maintenance, and more…    


                                       First look of fresh products with innovative features.       

Supacell digital alkaline battery cells review and testing at ITTSB Blog

Supacell is one division of Multibrands, and I wish to thank them for the generous supply of cells of my choice so theses to be tested. Some test results will become available sooner and some others will become available in time.

Sponsored samples: By Multibrands International Limited™


20 May 2015

Hands on to newest generation of Alkaline cells distributed in UK & Internationally

LM Technologies Ltd is a manufacturer of wireless cable replacement product lines, with focus in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless technology.

ITTSB Blog will explore the potentials of those products at converting BRYMEN multimeter & clamp meter Data logging KIT in to wireless.

6 June 2015

LM Technologies Ltd  London/UK accepted the invitation of ITTSB Blog

Hands on to newest Long Range 100m BT2.1 Bluetooth Serial Adapter

LM048 & LM058

Arbitrary waveform generator

My first FLUKE 87V meter mini adventure.

FLUKE 87V GSM issue

Burn in of OLED's is a known problem


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Four Industrial handheld multimeter's tested above the 1000 ACV mark.

Monday 1 February 2016

ITTSB Blog up to date this performed many individual reviews of handheld multimeter, this latest benchmark has to do with the performance of four full size multimeter's when them get tested out of their measuring specifications’ that is above the 1000 ACV range.

Few months back I started thinking to build for my lab one amplifier which this in combination with a function generator, it will work as adjustable ACV source …….

I am very pleased to announce a new marketing cooperation of ITTSB Blog and APC by Schneider Electric, and more specifically with Mr. George Dritsanos Director of North East Marketing division (based in Serbia).
APC by Schneider Electric in Greece and their director of sales Mr. Tasos Sarris among with Thalia Serekla (PR) manager. They both helped so one sample unit of latest APC-SMC1500I this to arrive for a product review.
December 18 2016
Mini articles archives
Multimeter them getting constantly improved because ITTSB Blog it does record engineering innovations and even past made mistakes.   
APC Smart-UPS C 1500VA LCD 230V Product Review  due Electrical Evaluation.
SMC1500I ups Unboxing and further details - link to Blog forum
HIOKI RM3542A this is newest Resistance Meter for precision work.
ITTSB Blog proudly presents pictures of HIOKI RM3542A. This is not a regular resistance meter, primary use this is for resistors precision verification at production line .
RM3542A arrived at ITTSB Blog so this to serve in a special project, I am going to upgrade all resistors of my decade resistor box with product samples from Vishay Foil resistors (VPG) all  secondary standards class.
ITTSB goal this is evaluation of up to 7 ½ bench top multimeter in the near future.

Special thanks to HIOKI EE Corporation and to Michelle Uchiyama Marketing Manager, for all battles that she gave so my proposal for RM3542A Resistance Meter this to gain approval.
Special thanks to M.J  PRINIOTAKIS S.A.I.C in Greece, Test and measurement division and HIOKI authorized reseller.  Katerina Priniotaki - Managing Director, she helped by importing RM3542A at no cost for ITTSB Blog.
Unboxing Link of RM3542A Resistance Meter
ITTSB  Blog this now increases it ability to high precision testing thanks to
Thanks to Mr. David Gazit, Marketing | Vishay Foil Resistors | VPG.

 ITTSB Blog will engage in two projects that in both we are are going to use latest high technology products.
I am very pleased to announce a new marketing cooperation between ITTSB Blog and Vishay Foil Resistors brand.
ITTSB Blog it did receive quantity of 62 Ultra-High precision resistors at tightest accuracy specifications possible.
Vishay Foil Resistors product models: S104K, VHP101, VHP202, VHP203, all encapsulated to metal shields for prolonged stability.
Both projects are in a schedule of high priority.  All work involved this will be well documented, and relative case study documents will be distributed to Vishay Foil Resistors brand and HIOKI  brand for their own use. Announcements of finalized Projects them will replace parts of this first announcement.
Upcoming Project: I am going to upgrade all resistors of my decade resistor box (this made back in 2010),  now using product samples from Vishay Foil Resistors brand, all secondary standard class.
New !!  Resistors box this is for insulation resistance testers & verification of their calibration, by this using latest POWERTRON GST4020
Several High Value Thick Film Resistance Elements, Resistance Tolerances to ± 0.25%, TCR’s to ±25 ppm/K, them able to handle 4000 ACV.
 I like to thanks Mr. Frank Weise , VPG Senior Field Design Engineer for all it help in this project.
POWERTRON GST4020 ITTSB project 2017
December 18 2016
Special Thanks to FLUKE Calibration division and Mr. Rich McFadden, Product Manager Electrical Calibrators.
ITTSB Blog this it did receive a copy of FLUKE Calibration - Second edition book
Many thanks to my new friends at FLUKE Calibration for their kind contribution of this Fluke Cal Book to ITTSB Blog.
Since 2017 ITTSB Blog this starts exploring in waters of calibration enthusiasts, therefore we do welcome all help that we can get but only from qualifying sources.   
Unboxing Link of FLUKE Cal book.
There is no easy
Project when you seek 
Ultimate Perfection!!  
New in 2017 - Consumption Evaluation & Power Quality:
Basic Power Analysis test bed | Power measurements | Inverters testing  
Product reviews and evaluation of measuring tools this is one side of the coin.
True purpose of any electrical measuring tool this is delivery of reliable measurements’ in tasks relative to basic power analysis.

Power quality inspection and testing of individual electrical appliances consumption, these are both new challenges for every active electrician of our times.
Basic power analysis this is a job for good multimeter and clamp on meter and naturally of high performance oscilloscopes.

ITTSB Blog this started getting prepared to conduct product reviews of ups and inverters, such a test lab this requiring special tools and as such are adjustable ACV input source 0~270 Volts,  ACV loads among with Single Phase Voltage and Current Breakout Box.

I did follow the route of DIY electrical engineering and test tools assembly in my own workbench.
Regarding bill of materials and cost estimates, I did follow most cost effective path but even so by using exclusively highest quality of parts them complying to most recent IEC directives’.
Today they are scheduled two DIY projects, and links and pictures will be added at this Blog sector.

I like to thanks DER EE ELECTRICAL METER CO. LTD. in Taiwan for their sponsoring of all necessary analog meters for those too ITTSB Blog projects’.
Relative WEB Links
ITTSB scheduled project:
Single Phase Voltage and Current Breakout Box.  (scheduled)
Test & Measurement - Equipment Reviews
March 24 2017