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    Written by: Kiriakos A. Triantafillou, Industrial maintenance electrician, Hellas. (2012 -> 2024 -> 2025)
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FLUKE 8846A  VS  FLUKE 8846A  calibration comparison and functions test made at ITTSB Blog lab.

This article serves several purposes and among them the festive feeling of my, about the completion of nine years since the moment that ITTSB Blog this was born at 2012.

DMM4050 & 8846A, both DMM in hardware they are identical and made by FLUKE.

I did grab my digital camera and recorded this testing session and today I am offering to you a new unique experience!

Written by Kiriakos Triantafillou  7-June 2021  

Yes its TRUE that DMM4050 & 8846A, both DMM in hardware they are identical and made by FLUKE.

Due this detail I did not hesitate to buy my own high precision multimeter, this mentioned as DMM4050 model as used from Italy at 27 FEB 2019.  Manufacturing date / Cal date 22-JAN-2013. The long story in sort version I did actions so my DMM to be renewed in aesthetics  and also I did install a totally new VFD display to it.

Therefore 8 years, 3 months, 9 days since the day that my DMM it did leave from the production line and I never had the chance to compare it side by side with an identical one.

Here starts a second story about another DMM4050 this sold as used to an electrician engineer at Netherlands.

This DMM developed an internal issue this caused external fuse to get burned within 30 seconds after power on. The new owner of DMM4050 he did discover ITTSB Blog and asked my help and I did accept. As soon the electrical issue were repaired and about 30 hours later, I did run functions test as reinsurance that the meter this is functional all the way.

This DMM has Manufacturing date / Cal date 14-OCT-2012 = 8 years, 7 months, 24 days that is just few months older than my own and no other changes.

Over the years of ITTSB Blog activities in the form of product reviews, I did came in cooperation with most significant brands of our planet. Some of them they specialise at production and selling of calibrators and calibration standards and or manufacturing of tight tolerance resistors for the calibration labs.

Today and due this article I wish to thanks all those people which with their actions and collaboration they helped me so I to extend further my understanding about electrical test and measurement, from my end I did take advantage of this opportunity and I did elevate further my own skills at diagnosis, repair and calibration inspection.

At the year 2010 I did start to engage with old  benchtop made by FLUKE, that I was getting cheaply and restore them back to as new condition, therefore now I do measure 11 years of experience.  

YES this is celebration content of: ITTSB Blog this active for nine long years, them full of difficulties and lots of hard work, along financial expenses.

Celebration of my self, as the Calibration of my 8846A this holds better than expected!

Celebration of an electrician engineer in Netherlands, his FLK 8846A this is now ready for the return to home trip.

The portable calibrator in use at my tests this is NEW and calibrated at APRIL 2021, its the last parcel which succeed to pass as Tax-Free and came from TIMES ELECTRONICS UK, and I am grateful for their offering which came as replacement of my first one, which this were accidentally connected to mains and got damaged.

Portable calibrators of that class they are great for calibration inspection of portable meters, but in the case of desktop DMM with 6 ½ digits resolution I could not have enough fine-tune at voltage control and I did my best.

In summary, today and due this Blog post you are now become an eye witness and or an observer, of how two samples of the finest benchtop DMM 8846A they hold their calibration at the age of eight years old!        

NOTE: At ITTSB Blog forum they are available significant amount of technical information related to 8846A along of content relative to test leads and accessories and even FREE data logging software.

As Blogger and content creator, I wish to thanks all friends which helped me back with an donation, they are few but due those few, I was able to keep up and not be discouraged.

Nowadays the battle against Covid 19 this has started, and we are winning, stay healthy and demonstrate patience, our humour along positive energy they will return to normal.  

Best regards to all from Greece !!   Kiriakos

6 June 2021

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