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Presentation of renewed  seven dials High Precision
Decade resistors Box.
(Ultra-High Precision Hermetically Sealed Bulk Metal - Vishay Foil Resistors)
Written by Kiriakos Triantafillou  -  October  2017 ©
1) Intro message,

I am walking in my sixth year by been a Blogger whom by preference and decision I do explore mostly products then made to serve in professional applications.
It is rewarding for me that significant people from our modern industry they do recognize that ITTSB Blog name & reputation, both are synonymous of well presented product reviews and of quality content.

Ultra high precision parts and equipments they are not products for any one to use, even in our times sophisticate technology could help and improve our lives (medical equipments), or it could serve us about exploring the universe, or helping product dimensions them to further shrink, and even it is used for military purposes.

True understandings of precision measurements’ this is a task for mathematician when him receives additional training (experiences) by working in to a standards calibration lab.
I have to admit that math’s never was my thing, this is why I looked for first quick exit back then in school times, my plan was to become field electrician instead of Engineer or a Professor.

My project of this seven dials decade resistance box, even back in 2010 when this was first assembled with 0.1% precision resistors, this was successful and high build quality become obvious due several pictures which I posted on-line.
This time within 2017 I did manage to team up with best teams worldwide and to receive samples of finest resistors and of also of finest measuring equipment which both helped my project so this to become one of finest examples as comparison point, this now able to be used for inspection of calibration of other high precision measuring equipments.    

By using these products at this specific application I did realize that precision parts especially for calibration inspection it best them be alone, so amount of reasons of measuring error them to be eliminated.
My apologies and many Thanks to Mr. David Gazit, Marketing | Vishay Foil Resistors | VPG
I did delay this project presentation so and my second project this also relative to Vishay Foil Resistors products, this to be also complete for presentation at the same timing.
Second project this includes several single resistors at different values, its one resistor this is best sample received from quantity of ten, which this has tightest measuring tolerance at 0.002 or below that mark.  

Chicken or the egg ?  There is no such a theoretical dilemma here, because makers of precision measuring equipments they work hand by hand with makers of precision electronics.
This is their world, and me shown as a friendly intruder which both unlocks the door for me to enter.
HIOKI RM3542A this is newest Resistance Meter for precision work, this become my vehicle so me to proceed at the next step, this is the discovery of world of precision resistors of our times.
Vishay Foil Resistors brand, this is maker of latest Ultra-High Precision Hermetically Sealed Bulk Metal Foil Resistor.

Now I am 100% aware that success of my own project this is result of my choice about sending my invitation at reliable makers them be Top-Class specialists’ in their sector.  
Naturally I worth some credit too, this is my project and I did choices of parts and product design, and assembly.

HIOKI RM3542A this is not a usual resistance meter, originally this is designed to serve at resistors production facility and be Quality Control inspection instrument, this is able for self calibration, this is able to measure and constantly monitor entire production of a fully automated product line.
Alternative way of using HIOKI RM3542A this is manual mode, but even so this is factory programmed so for its measuring range  numerous specific parameters to apply at the measurement, so measuring error it self to be minimal.

Today I will say with confidence that my seven dials resistance decade box, this is a test apparatus that several calibration labs and even calibration enthusiast would love to have.
For traceability purposes’ I did create relative documentation, and after 12 months time, I will perform complete inspection, so to verify if all parts of million they are still intact.

This day of joy which I am sharing pictures of two successfully made projects, this also belong to several other people, due their demonstration of faith and support at my initial planning.   

Special thanks to Mr. David Gazit, Marketing | Vishay Foil Resistors | VPG
He accepted first my proposal as soon I presented in detail of how far I was planning to go, and for the delivery of such significant quality of precision resistors in Greece.
Over time we develop and ties of friendship and of mutual appreciation.

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2) Project details

1. Title:  Use of Ultra-High Precision Hermetically Sealed Bulk Metal Foil Resistors as parts upgrade for previously (2010) constructed decade’s resistors box (this also including 10V DC voltage standard source on-board, main application for it this is calibration verification of digital multimeter).

2. Abstract / Summary:  By the use of High Precision Hermetically Sealed Bulk Metal Foil Resistors, I did succeed upgrading my seven dials decade resistor box components, before tightest tolerance was 0.1% and now this is at amazing 0.005% at most resistor values, today this tool it does qualify for products evaluation of high precision multimeter with display resolution up to 7 ½ digits.   

3. Product(s) Used –  LVR-5 , S104K, VHP202, VHP203 & VHP101 series

4. The Challenge:  Verification of calibration of new multimeter this is essential for a products reviews Blog as is ITTSB in Europe.
Since 2012 up to nowadays, the Blog invested cash and acquired several sources of calibration standards. Due such tests I do gain additional confidence over a new product.
Handheld multimeter this is class of instruments with relatively less tight tolerances speaking of precision and within 2017 ITTSB Blog new goal, this is beginning of evaluation and of  high precision bench top multimeter, therefore I was in need to upgrade previously made decade resistor box components with better ones of Higher orders of precision.

5. The Solution:   Product specifications’ of Hermetically Sealed Bulk Metal Foil Resistors they do meet my application requirements’ due their high precision specifications’ and also due their exterior shield construction.
While four wires measurement (Kelvin) this it does minimize measuring error, shielded resistors they are a preferred choice for minimizing additional measuring error at high resistance values, that could be static fields, relatively high EMI fields and even EMF to some degree.
Hermetically Sealed Bulk Metal Foil Resistors which I received they have a minimum capacitance due their shielding of 0.60pF up to 7pF this varying according to model in use, I use LCR meter and test frequency of 100 KHz.
I think of these products’ that they are a great improvement in comparison with bulky and old shielded resistance standards’.
Next generation measurement technologies and next generation methods for testing required by the market, they can not served any more by old in construction measuring standards.
Final thoughts

Back in 2010 speaking of requirements I were exclusively focused to handheld multimeter evaluation, my pack of experiences were close to calibration enthusiast at his first steps,  and my choice back then were Vishay film metal resistors at 0.1% tolerance.
First Dial this has nine 0.1R resistors and best choice for it was LVR-5 0.1R at 1%.  
My thinking back then as maker of this DIY decade resistor box this was that I should aim for ultimate quality at reasonable cost, for example all dials is military quality and their specifications they do match with the application that they will be used for.

I had to import in Greece piece by piece entire number of parts for this project.    
Even inquiry for finding parts from so many different sources this was not easy task either.

Assembly of this project in to a case and aesthetics this was my last personal challenge in which I did unquestionably succeeded.
Since first public presentation of my project (2010) over the Internet, this caused a huge positive impression in the eyes of hobbyist and especially of experts in electronics.
End product looked more as factory work than (usual home made) DIY, and speaking of performance regarding specifications’ it did deliver acceptable precision this be satisfying for handheld DMM evaluation.  

At 2012 I did founded ITTSB Blog and since then I did become a closer follower of topics relative to electrical metrology, I did gain further more personal experiences and understanding, and also I did new friends at Fluke Calibration and also at European brands, also makers of calibration sources and of educational equipment.  

Within 2017,  Vishay Foil Resistor brand did something remarkable for me, they accepted and they did deliver for my project, calibration standards class resistors of lowest tolerance that their factory in Israel this is capable to produce.

The outcome is the use of:

S104K series - Resistors as ideal choice for 1R at 0.5% (Qty of 10)
VHP202 series, Resistors as also ideal for 10R at 0.05% (Qty of 10)
VHP101 series, High precision Resistors at 0.005% for dials of 100R, 1K, 10K & 100K. (Qty of 40)
VHP203 series - Highest precision resistors at 50R with 0.005% tolerance specification among with samples at 500R those coming 0.0025% tolerance, and with a remarkable 0.05ppm (Qty of 4)

Hermetically Sealed - Vishay Foil Resistors - product page Link
3) Pictures gallery
My engagement with this project this took several months, final assembly was just one step of tenths other steps which I did so entire project to be as perfect as possible.
Its Pictures gallery at ITTSB this is a slide show, they are several images to its gallery that you can view by the use of navigation arrows or thumbnails images.

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Written by Kiriakos Triantafillou  -  October  2017 ©
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